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Autumn Pumpkin Recipes

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On 24th October 2016

It’s official – autumn is here. It’s the season for  staying indoors, wrapping up warm and eating comforting food. Pumpkin is a great, seasonal squash and it’s full of health benefits. It’s packed with vitamins A and C, not to mention potassium, magnesium and antioxidants such as carotene.

Pumpkins are anti-inflammatory and support the spleen, stomach and large intestine. In Chinese medicine it’s known as a chi tonic and helps improve energy and blood circulation. But above all, they’re delicious and incredibly versatile. They keep well if you store it somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight.

Scroll down for a selection of pumpkin recipes to try this autumn from some of our favourite contributors – Tainá Guedes, Alison Beckner and Sally Ross-Clark and Nina Wagner.