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The Art of Change at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

  • Entretempo Kitchen Gallery Taniá Guedes Soup
  • Entretempo Kitchen Gallery Berlin Tainá Guedes
  • Entretempo Kitchen Gallery Berlin
  • Entretempo Kitchen Gallery Tainá Guedes Berlin
  • Entretempo Kitchen Gallery Tainá Guedes
On 21st July 2015

Tainá Guedes is a culinary powerhouse and her vibrant personality shines throughout the varied programme of Entretempo Kitchen Gallery  (Berlin). Inspired by the ancient Buddhist concept of mottainai (best described as reduce, reuse and recycle), Tainá strives to eliminate as much waste as possible in everything she does. By using food as the central theme for the gallery, she encourages people to explore ways of reducing our impact on the planet through exhibitions, workshops and seminars.

Undeniably, Tainá is a woman of many hidden talents and her growing success can be attributed to her ability to innovate. Her resolve has led her to open numerous restaurants, bring out her own range of lingerie, write a cookbook called Cooking With Bread  and through Entretempo, she initiated Food Art Week in Berlin. Her passion for learning has taken her all over the world to train in a variety of culinary areas.

Before moving to Germany, tensions were running high in her own restaurant’s kitchen and she needed somewhere to experiment, “and I could hardly say to my competitors, ‘Hey I want to practise at your place!’” She decided to move to Berlin, where there was no one to cramp her style and stop her trying out new things – “It was freedom, but at the same time, I was feeling kind of lost, asking myself who I am, what do I want to do with my life? Moving to a completely new place helps you see yourself in a different context.”

At Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Tainá seamlessly combines art, vegetarian food and sustainability – “everything is integrated here – even the kitchen is integrated into the gallery space,” she beams. The gallery is a platform to raise thought-provoking questions such as, “how do we need to live to be able to eat in the future?” And, if right now you’re finding that thought a little daunting, she goes on to explain, “this is a question for everyone, we can’t answer it just by ourselves.”

It’s not about pointing the finger and making people feel bad, it’s more about inspiring people to stop and think.

In addition to masterminding Entretempo, Tainá loves to collaborate with her ever-extending network of social and environmental organisations and charities, such as Brot für die Welt. Embracing the opportunity to volunteer in a school garden in Mitte, she takes children to the Speisegut farm with the help of the Grüne Liga, where they “learn when the vegetables are ready to eat and we cook it all together.” Afterwards, they take the non-edible parts of the vegetables and turn them into musical instruments. “At the beginning lots of the children said ‘we don’t eat vegetables, we don’t like them’, but by the end, they all ate everything, they loved it!”

Tainá finds it rewarding to see children change their opinions and sees it as a brilliant opportunity for them to learn – “they realise how much energy, how much water it takes to grow a vegetable, and they realise how much we waste. They learn much more than by reading about it.”


Follow the programme at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery to experience food in a completely new light.

Article by Alastair Coates
Pictures by Tom Prezman

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