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Thyroid Yoga Class for Energy, Immunity, Weight Loss, and Balanced Hormones

  • Fern Olivia Thyroid Yoga Class Immunity Energy

This class, led by Fern Olivia, renowned yoga instructor and founder of the Thyroid Yoga™ method, will ignite your energy, immunity and balance hormones. Recommended for a daily morning practice, this sequence is excellent for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.


  • Imagine waking up feeling energized and clear every day
  • Helps you lose and sustain your weight
  • Gives you a gorgeous radiant glow that can be spotted from a mile away
  • Helps you handle stressful situations from a place of personal power
  • Empowers you to take care of yourself and your thyroid

Here’s how to do it

This class is wonderful for seniors, pregnant women, and all those with limitations and injuries, as it will provide all who participate with vast knowledge and information on the art of self-healing from a thyroid or hormone imbalance, and empower each practitioner with the knowledge to apply the wisdom in all areas of life.

With regards to the yoga poses, we suggest that all practitioners move at a pace that feels comfortable and modify as needed to practice safely.

Pregnant women are instructed to substitute breath of fire with long deep breathing.

Practitioners with limitations and injuries may also sit in a chair for the cat/cow spinal flexion and any of the meditation and breathwork exercises, as well as the thyroid yoga sequence with eagle arms.

Let’s get started!


Contributor Fern Olivia

Pictures by Eve Bregman
Date Added 03/04/2018