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Yoga, Art & Food – Berlin Food Art Week 2017 Essentials

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On 4th July 2017

Tainá Guedes is the culinary powerhouse behind Food Art Week – a festival of food and contemporary art that returns this week across Berlin from 7th – 14th July 2017.

We first spoke to her in 2015 about the inspiration she takes from the ancient Buddhist concept of mottainai –  best described as reduce, reuse and recycle. Read her story here.

Berlin Food Art Week 2017 vs Meat

This year Tainá and her team continue to build on the success of Food Art Week  by curating a programme that is full of events, workshops and a kids programme with a special focus on food sustainability, animals and human rights and environmental-social-economic issues, with the year theme “vs.Meat”.

The Programme
With over 20 exciting events, exhibitions, performances, dining experiences and workshops visitors have the opportunity to discover the intersection between contemporary art and the popular healthy food culture in Berlin. See the programme here.

Our Workshop
You can join us at Food Art Week! We are hosting a special session for practising movement, breath work and meditation to teach us how to support the body throughout the process of digestion with the wonderful yoga teacher and life coach, Eva Kaczor. 

The event, Yoga meets Foodart with Eva Kaczor and Foodadit will be held on 8th July at Hallesches Haus at 10.30am. Click to register.

In preparation for our workshop, Eva has shared her morning routine with Foodadit – helping to ignite our digestive fire for the day ahead. The routine is easy to follow and takes 15 minutes in the morning. Try it!

Eva Kaczor shares Breath Exercise from Kundalini Yoga with Foodadit

And, check out the event by Inés Lauber who will take you on an experimental culinary journey in her interactive dinner and workshop about Forgotten Greens and Healing Powers.
11th July, 17.30, Prinzessinnengärten, Berlin

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Article by Alanna Lawley