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Ignite your Digestive Fire with Eva Kaczor’s Morning Routine

On 26th June 2017

In our first article with Eva Kaczor, “Go where your joy is – Eva Kaczor on her journey of self-healing and yoga”, we shared an insight into the knowledge Eva has accumulated throughout her healing journey.

Eva shares generously with her students and peers and for Berlin Food Art Week 2017, she will collaborate with Foodadit to host a digestion focussed yoga workshop. Please find the invite here, Yoga meets Foodart with Eva Kaczor and Foodadit.

Throughout our time together, Eva and I have discussed the importance of digestion – what we’re consuming, how we’re consuming it and considering movement as a core practice to help the body to assimilate and eliminate what we take into the body. This year’s Food Art Week topic ‘vsMeat’, provides us with a framework for raising awareness about our attitudes towards digestion by considering the production of meat and its alternatives – and now in this special session for practising movement, breath work and meditation we are learning how to support the body throughout the key process of digestion.

In preparation for the workshop, Eva has shared her morning routine with Foodadit – helping to ignite our digestive fire for the day ahead. The routine is easy to follow and takes 15 minutes in the morning.

Eva Kaczor Pranayama Meditation technique- Nadi Shodhana

Try Eva’s Morning routine below.

  1. Breathwork – Kundalini Yoga,
  2. Breathwork based on the Wim Hof Method,
  3. Pranayama and Meditation – Nadi Shodhanana and
  4. Bulletproof Coffee with MCT oil.

Bulletproof coffee recipe with Eva Kaczor for Foodadit

What is the key thing you do to help support digestion?

You can do a lot with breathwork and so the routine I have shared is the one that I do every day. It is my personal mix that brings together exercises from Kundalini yoga, Hatha Yoga, part of the Wim Hof method, HIT training and nutrition tips from Bulletproof.

Eva Kaczor shares her morning routine, including pushups with Foodadit

Working deeply with your breathing can create immensely healthy effects within your body and mind. The Yogis understood the importance of Pranayama, but now, because Wim Hof has been able to prove with science that you can activate your immune system by breathing more people believe and practice it.

Do you also use specific supplements to assist digestion?

Yes I do, and I get frustrated when people tell me we don’t need supplements, as there are some conditions that do. There are certain supplements that can support your gut flora and digestion and natural powders that help you get enough minerals, vitamins and enzymes. It’s not about taking pill after pill, it’s about nurturing body and brain. As we age we need to take even more care of this, I’m turning 40 next month and I intend to live 120!

Part of my personal health routine is to take digestive enzymes for each bigger meal. I also use each morning one scoop of green powder that contains spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, moringa and some medical mushrooms like reishi, chaga and cordyceps. I also have psyllium husks that help with good digestive function. I use CoQ10, for energy production in cells and I’m also drinking bone broth from grass-fed cows for my joint, gut walls and skin. Lately I got into breeding my own sprouts.

I am eating fermented food like sauerkraut and one my bucket list is to learn how to make kimchi! I minimize my gluten intake as it is proven to be very difficult for any kind of inflammatory challenges including allergies and auto-immune disorders. I learnt so much of this at my Thyroid Yoga Training in L.A with Fern Olivia.

After dinner I love to make myself a turmeric latte with coconut milk – to support the anti-inflammatory restoring in my body.

You said earlier that you intend to live until 120. How?

Look at the yogis and these famous old ladies who are 90 and really bendy. I intend to be healthy and look amazing. It’s about a belief system – in our culture we hold the belief that we will decline with age in a certain way. Of course we do, but how you do it can be changed. We need more role models for graceful aging, I intend to be one of them and I support everybody who is an expert in optimising health and well being,

We have a responsibility to bring alternative healing and growing approaches to people in a beautiful way. That’s one of my missions.