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Beetroot for Everyone with Nina Wagner

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On 19th July 2015

I was going through a phase of craving beetroot like crazy. With some research I found that beetroot is very high in iron, and as a woman who doesn’t eat much red meat (I’m focusing on a more vegan diet every day), I thought this would be a great way to top up. Beetroot is known for being cleansing for the blood and as they are alkaline they help reduce acidity levels in the body.

I got together with Alanna and Tom to share beetroot in a way that is appealing for anyone who might not necessarily be attracted to this root vegetable. I created vegetarian and gluten free recipes – a Red Cabbage and Beetroot salad, a Warm Beetroot Sweet Potato salad, and a cooler Quinoa Salad with Zesty Puréed Beetroot with a dash of fresh mint, which makes a great seasoning for light recipes, especially during summer. With an earthy and sweet flavour, these beetroot recipes are a healthy boost to a long day.

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I’d recommend using fresh beetroot and boiling it at home or buying them pre-boiled without vinegar.