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Alastair’s Japanese Vegan Fusion

  • Alastair Coates Japanese Vegan Fusion okonomiyaki Recipe cooking
  • Alastair Coates Recipe Japanese Vegan Fusion Ochazuke
  • Alastair Coates Japanese Vegan Fusion ochazuke Recipe
  • Alastair Coates Recipe for Vegan Japanese Fusion Cabbage Fritter Okonimyaki
On 19th July 2015

When I was studying for a semester in Tokyo, I picked up a lot of Japanese recipes and this afternoon Kasia came to my place to sample my vegan take on some of them.

First on the menu was ochazuke, a kind of soup made by pouring green tea over rice, seaweed, sour plums and wasabi – it’s a great comfort food and really healthy too.


After that I concocted one of my favourites – a cabbage fritter called okonomiyaki, but this time I adapted the recipe to make it gluten free, using buckwheat flour and chickpea flour and added a bit of chili paste for taste and colour. I topped it off with a sauce made of black tahini, lemon and olive oil. I then sprinkled it with chopped fresh basil and chili flakes as a garnish. Of course it’s just as delicious with white tahini.

I’d also had some freshly brewed Kombucha tea to wash it all down.

Alastair serving Kombucha