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Linsey Boersbroek’s Foodadit Recipes

  • Linsey boersbroek creates a selection of delicious and healthy recipes for Foodadit
On 14th May 2015

Linsey Boersbroek is a Food Designer from the Netherlands and creating new recipes is one of her passions. She sees food and the social connections that it can foster as a complete experience to be enjoyed. 

She developed a mouthwatering and healthy selection of desserts – Avocado Chocolate Mousse, Papaya Mousse, Date and Almond Balls, Leftover Rice Pudding and Strawberry and Almond Chia Pudding.  

Linsey Boersbroek created a selection of delicious and healthy desserts and snacks for Foodadit.

She also created some savoury recipes such as – Greek-Style Couscous SaladHomemade HummusDIY Basil and Walnut Pesto and her Rainbow Salad.

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